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Secret Cinema - Guardians of The Galaxy - 22nd August 2022 by Luke Dyson - LD1_0783 copy.j

And remember; “We are Groot”. 

Contraxian snow, pulsating beats and intergalactic feats. Get ready to save the galaxy.

For 3 months in Wembley Park, we recruited thousands of Ravager Recruits in this cosmic immersive experience and film screening.

Our audience embarked on an interstellar extravaganza: immersing themselves in planet Contraxia's snowy splendour and dancing through the cosmic beats of Planet Nowhere. Participants joined the Guardians for galactic cabaret performances, traded trinkets for 'Units', karaoked with Yondu, and faced off against The Collector in an epic battle for the Universe before watching an enhanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

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