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- shaken, never stirred

Aston Martins, Omega watches, and Martinis 

In an undisclosed London location in the winter of 2022, we paid tribute to the enduring allure of Bond and his six-decade affair with the timeless elegance of Omega watches

In an abandoned London Underground tunnel, we created an immersive live experience to celebrate Bond and his cherished association with Omega watches since GoldenEye in '95. The event was a reverent tribute to 007, featuring authentic movie props and state-of-the-art gadgets from Q's Lab, as well as an exquisite showcase of James Bond's OMEGA collection. Live actors and bespoke video games engaged guests in a choice: allegiance to MI6 or Spectre. As live music from a 3-piece band filled the air, the evening drew to a close with a candle-lit banquet.

roles + contributions

Creative Assistant

creative director: Tom Maller producer: Charlie Dixon production designer: Rebecca Bower art director: Ryan O’Conner show graphics: Natasha Thomas & James Land show photography: Mike Marsland, Charlie Gray, Dave Bennet, Getty Images 

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